Hier ist eine Sammlung beeindruckender Videos aus der afrikanischen Wildnis

Eine unglaubliche Szene, aufgenommen von Touristen in Südafrika

Wahnsinn! Hippo rettet junge Antilope vor Krokodil!


Löwenrudel jagt Büffel im Wasser!


Jagende Löwen   


When Buffalo's Attack

A pride of lions feel the wrath of the buffalo after a young calf is killed by the pride and reek revenge on the lions young ones


selber schuld...


Zebra gewinnt gegen Löwin!!!


Hyänen gegen Löwen


Giraffe kämpft mit Löwenrudel


Lion Reunites with Humans

This lion was reared by the guys in the vid,he was then released into the wild in africa but a year later the guys returned to see if he was doing OK.

Check out the look on the lions face as he realises-"thats not food its my MATES!!"

Whats mad is the wild lions hes friends with never met the humans but they are totally passive towards them.

I love this clip,and think its better than any amount of lion snuff vids that get posted about the place. Marked as: Featured